Verify Photos

In an earlier article, we talked about Fake Photos and why some Sugar Babies use them on their profiles. Have you wondered how to check on a Sugar Baby’s photos to see if they are real or fake? It’s actually easier than you think to verify photos… You can use a website that does a quick photo search to see if the photo has been published anywhere online in which the database of websites the reverse image feature searches through. is one of these sites and is 100% free to use. All you have to do is save the photo or photos you wish to check on and upload them or drag & drop them to see if these photos appear on any other site on the internet which TinEye indexes. Having Sugar Baby photos which show up on a Czech Republic modeling site would not be a good sign. But then again, remember that some Sugar Babies do not want to use their real photos on their profiles. So you will have to query a Sugar Baby if you find her photos on a questionable website. If you find her photos on or or another of the top pro-am modeling websites, you have three possibilities to consider. This could be the girl in the profile and she works as a model, she could be using lookalike photos she lifted from one of those sites that look similar to her or she (or he – shocker!) is using the photos as complete photo fakes.

Another new photo search feature is offered by Google and can help you verify photos.

  • Go to
  • Click on Images in the top menu bar
  • On the Images screen which pops up, click on the camera icon in the search box
  • Upload the photo you wish to verify
  • Click on Search

Google’s search tool is powerful, just like Google’s regular search engine feature. If you find that a Sugar Baby’s photos are on social networking sites, this may be reaffirming. But if they show up on non nude paysite landing pages, this could be a sign of a girl being clever in using fake photos or in being deceptive.

Your course of action if you want to verify photos is to inquire if the Sugar Baby is using her real photos or if she is using lookalikes to keep discreet. If the Sugar Baby claims they are her real photos, ask for “proof” photos such as a photo of her holding up something specific which can’t be photo-shopped using a photo manipulation program. Don’t ask her to hold up a piece of paper with a word written on it. Many models shoot photos with blank pieces of paper known as “fansigns” for websites and these types of photos could be re-used as proof photos many times over. Proof photo picture ideas: Ask her to hold up her toothbrush and shoot a self pic in the bathroom mirror. Ask her to take a picture of herself in front of a street sign in the city where she lives and to wear something in a specific color.

Another article on How to be a Sugar Daddy will discuss completely fake profiles with fake photos and scams to avoid re: fake Sugar Babies. This article focused on how to verify photos as one step to take in checking out Sugar Babies before meeting them.