Sugar Daddy Mentor

You work in the entertainment industry and you have a sugar baby who wants to be an actress, singer, model, stylist. Let’s focus on an actress sugar baby… So far her only acting work has been in dinner theater productions and attending a school for the performing arts. You’ve seen her Youtube Channel and some video clips of her performances, she’s ok, but she’ll never make it. She doesn’t have “it”. You are enjoying her companionship and the time you spend together, but she keeps asking you to help her with her career. Can you hook her up with some gigs, even uncredited, introduce her to some casting bigwigs… You don’t want to say no, but you don’t want to say yes. It’s your reputation. What should you do?

You wouldn’t believe how often this happens in sugar daddy relationships especially in Los Angeles and New York, the bi-coastal meccas for the entertainment biz. Girls who want to become models, singers, actresses, etc., even target sugar daddies who can be a potential sugar daddy mentor. These girls are looking for help with their careers, not just to enter into sugar daddy relationships. And it’s not as if models or singers or actresses aren’t discovered every day or helped along in their career efforts.

If you work in the entertainment industry, and if this is a concern for you, you need to make it clear to any sugar babies what your position is on this topic. You can choose to be brutally honest and be a dream smasher if a sugarbaby is truly talent-less and doesn’t have what it takes. You can save a sugar baby from years of getting up at 4 a.m. to do the daily grinds, literally, as a barrista and part-time sugar baby while taking acting classes and waiting for her big break. Or you can be polite and say that you don’t see any opportunities for her right now, but maybe if something comes up… Or you can tell her you don’t mix work and play and make it clear this is your “policy” and you don’t break policy.

Basically, if you don’t have some sort of policy or position, these types of sugarbabys will continually whine about you helping them become an actress, model or singer or makeup artist or hair stylist or whatever. If you’re lucky, you will find the diamond in the rough sugar baby who truly has talent and who you will want to take credit for discovering. But you know this is extremely rare.

TIP: Be sure you know how you plan to handle this type of sugar baby before you take on the role of sugar daddy mentor in this scenario.