Sugar Daddy Blackmail

One of the major fears that Sugar Daddies have in entering into a sugar dating relationship is the potential for Sugar Daddy blackmail. Reality is that there will be that risk. Here are a few tips on how to avoid blackmail. Don’t think blackmail can’t happen. It happened to Stephen Dent, a DuPont heir, back in 2009. Dent was using a Sugar Daddy relationship website to find submissive Sugar Babies and had been a Sugar Daddy for several years before being blackmailed by the boyfriend of one of his Sugar Babies who was posing as a Russian mobster.

The possibility exists that Sugar Babies could be con artists. Sugar Babies could be pimped out to lure rich men into compromising situations. Situations where photographs would be taken and unless money exchanged hands, the photographs would be published online, sent to the wife or turned over to the media to stir up a scandal… This is where you need to know your Sugar Baby before you meet her. Vet your Sugar Baby. Don’t let your desire for immediate gratification with a beautiful woman lead you to do something you regret. Proceed with caution. The cliche “better safe than sorry” is paramount in how to avoid blackmail when seeking a Sugar Daddy relationship.

Don’t just go with your gut instinct that the girl seems ok. Verify some of the information she volunteers you. Ask to check her Facebook profile if she’ll share it with you. Your best protection is to run a background check on her online if she will give you her real name. But many girls are understandably cautious about protecting their identities as much as you may want to protect yours.

Some Sugar Daddy websites are now doing a level of member verification using paid membership status, pinging cell phone numbers, checking school i.d.’s to verify coed status and verification of IP address log-in to display country location to avert scams. Using a Sugar Daddy dating site which takes such precautions is preferred to a site that does not take these verification measures to avert Sugar Daddy blackmail.