Sugar Baby Background Check

Besides the potential for blackmail in a Sugar Daddy relationship, there is also the potential to be set up. Yes, set up to be ripped off or robbed by your Sugar Baby and her accomplice(s)… You will feel more at ease starting out in a Sugar Daddy relationship if you do a Sugar Baby Background Check to be sure your Sugar Baby isn’t a criminal or drug addict. Here is a true story that a Sugar Daddy shared with me personally and contains some important lessons to be learned when Sugar Daddy-ing:

“I’m an older widower living in Texas and decided that dating was no longer for me. But that I would like the companionship of a pretty girl. Helping a girl out financially was something I thought would be nice for me to offer. I fell for a beautiful blonde who I asked to move in with me immediately after she said she could no longer afford her apartment, she had lost her job, a whole long sob story. Basically, I broke the unwritten rule of not doing a background before letting her into my life. I didn’t even check out any type of i.d. I didn’t question why she wanted to be a sugar baby or what she wanted to accomplish in life. She was so pretty and I fell for her… hook, line and sinker. And I began to give her money. A lot of money. I should have questioned what she was spending it on, since she didn’t seem to be spending it on anything I could see.

Little did I know that the money was going toward her drug habit and her boyfriend’s drug habit and to pay for an apartment close by where her boyfriend was living and where she went to spend time with him to do drugs. One afternoon I went to play golf and a thunderstorm ended my golf game early. She didn’t hear me enter the house, but I overheard her on her cell phone talking to someone and plotting to rob me of my cash and to take my late wife’s jewelry. I quickly exited the house and called the police. Even though I was mortally embarrassed to confess the situation I had gotten myself into, I had to. Besides being robbed, I could have been hurt badly during the robbery. As it turns out, she had a drug-ridden criminal past as did her boyfriend. Both had outstanding warrants and were arrested. Needless to say, I upgraded my home security. My experience didn’t keep me from being a Sugar Daddy, but it did make me more cautious. I now have another sugar baby who I thoroughly checked out and whose apartment lease I pay for. We only see each other at agreed upon times. I’d love it if she moved in with me as I confess to being a little lonely, but I understand and respect her need for independence. At least I have some happiness in my life and am helping a young woman live a nicer lifestyle and achieve her life’s goals.”

Tip: Order a Sugar Baby Background Check, especially if you are going to have your Sugar Baby live with you.