Paid Dating

Paid Dating Concept

I have been using the “paid dating” site in the last few months to meet potential Sugar Daddies. While most of my What’s Your Price dates haven’t evolved into what I hoped (a Sugar Daddy relationship), collecting a few hundred dollars per date a few times a week is sweet Sugar¬† income. Ironically, one of my girlfriends, Amber, had a WhatsYourPrice? dating concept figured out several years ago when she began running her personal dating service, using free dating sites such as OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish. She basically explained to anyone who wanted to snag a date with her (she’s a Cameron Diaz lookalike when Cameron was 20 years younger) that the dates would be paid for, that she would pick the restaurant, etc.¬† She has made a living as a paid date, faux girlfriend and Sugar Baby.

Sugar Daddy Dating Advice

She even opened a website on dating tips for men and takes calls to counsel men and role play with them on how to be more successful in their dating pursuits. She reports that the majority of her callers are shy and she works with them to overcome their shyness. The lesser majority of callers are successful men who want to be Sugar Daddies, but want some tips on how to get started and to discuss how a Sugar Daddy relationship works. This isn’t phone sex, but she is paid by the minute for her phone counseling time on a professional call platform.

Expect to pay to meet your Sugar Baby to show you have financial means and are serious about investing time and money in your benefactor relationship no matter what paid dating or Sugar Daddy relationship site you use.