Meeting your Sugar Baby

There is definite etiquette in meeting your Sugar baby. The first time you are planning to meet your Sugar Baby:

Rule #1 Show up
Rule #2 Show up
Rule #3 If you can’t show up, apologize and make it up to her

Playing power games that you and your corporate or business or sporting life are more important than meeting your Sugar Baby for the first time, is a huge turn-off. You may have actually had a last minute meeting pop up on your schedule, ok, apologize. Send her flowers. Set up another meeting. But don’t try to pull a power trip on your Sugar Baby to try to keep her in her place or whatever your passive aggressive intent is.

I’ve heard direct from Sugar Babies (girlfriends for the most part) that this has happened to them, and this has happened to me, too. The dreaded “no show” without a phone call or text message or any type of excuse or the dreaded “I can’t make it, something came up.” You are less likely to earn the respect of any Sugar Baby if you can’t deliver yourself as promised at the agreed upon time and place. Unless a Sugar Daddy has texted me he’s stuck in traffic, delayed, etc., I only wait 10 – 15 minutes and I’m leaving the Starbucks or wherever we agreed to meet. Bye bye Daddy. Neither my Sugar Baby girlfriends nor I tolerate lack of consideration for our time and perceived lack of interest in truly making an arrangement happen. Be reliable. Communicate delays or issues re: your schedule and make amends if you miss that first important meeting. Don’t play power games.