Golddiggers vs. Sugar Babies

Let’s take a look at Golddiggers vs. Sugar Babies. Many wealthy men are the target of golddiggers looking to latch onto them for their money and the lifestyle that wealthy men can provide. The term golddiggers applying to women looking for wealthy men and not just mining for gold first popped up back in the 1930’s.

Recently, in Kanye West’s rap song “Gold Digger” Jamie Foxx opens the tune with very revealing lyrics about how a gold digging girl operates:

“She take my money when I’m in need
Yeah she’s a trifling friend indeed
Oh she’s a gold digger way over town
That digs on me”

Beautiful women know the power of their beauty and sexuality and are willing to use it to get what they want. A carefree life of leisure, shopping, money, travel, living a lavish lifestyle that they could not afford without being attached to a wealthy man is what golddiggers aspire to. Often gold diggers will look to marry wealthy single, divorced men or widowers only for their money.

It isn’t that difficult to differentiate between a golddigger who operates under motivation of greed and who does not care about whoever she is with and a Sugar Baby who wants to be financially taken care of and spoiled and to exchange time, dates and intimate encounters with her Sugar Daddy. Golddiggers vs. Sugar Babies are different female species. Most likely if you are going to join a Sugar Daddy dating site, you will encounter Gold Diggers vs. Sugar Babies. Perhaps the aggressive, bitchy, sexual tigress Gold Digger is more appealing to you than the eager-to-please-you Sugar Baby. It’s your preference and after all, it’s your money.