Fake Sugar Babies

Are you receiving a lot of cut & paste messages, “form email” and Sugar Baby spam totally inappropriate to your profile and what type of Sugar Daddy arrangement you are seeking? Perhaps you are being blanketed with these types of messages from Fake Sugar Babies. Be aware, fake Sugar Babies exist and most are rooted in scams to extract money from you online or some other con or hustle.

Here are some examples of Sugar Baby Spam:

  • Hi Sweetie! I’m looking for a Daddy to take care of me but my cell phone and internet are going to be turned off so I’ll have no way to keep in touch with you unless…
  • I’ll be in (your city) next week, wanna meet for some sugar? Can you send me $100 right now to show you’re for real?
  • Baby, I want to be spoiled by my Sugar Daddy, will you spoil me and take me shopping? Why not send me an online Gift Certificate right now to Victoria’s Secret and I’ll take photos of me in the lingerie I buy from your Gift Cert!

Tip: The easiest way to weed out the Sugar Babies who are blanketing their city or the whole site with spammy messages, is to craft a profile where at the very end of your profile, you write a simple line:

Write “Seven” in the subject of your message to let me know you’ve read my profile

You can substitute the word Seven with any “key” word you choose so that you know the Sugar Babies who are writing you have read your profile and are likely to be genuinely interested in you. You can simple delete the other messages. This little key word test will eliminate a majority of spammers, scammers, etc. Coming up soon will be an article on Desperate Sugar Babies and why you should avoid them.