Fake Photos

Is that Sugar Baby using real or fake photos? Some Sugar Babies don’t want to put up their real photos purely out of fear of being recognized on a Sugar Daddy dating site. While there typically isn’t a stigma associated with being on a regular dating site, having a profile with photos on a Sugar Daddy dating site could make Sugar Babies feel they might be exposed. Why? Some Sugar Babies are recognizable models, budding actresses, up and coming singers, etc., who wouldn’t want it known that they are seeking a Sugar Daddy.

Tip: What you don’t want to do is write a message to a Sugar Baby asking her – are you using fake photos? You risk having the Sugar Baby immediately block you and you could lose out on meeting the Sugar Baby of your dreams. Instead, politely inquire if she uses her real photos to present herself and that you understand if she needs discretion. Ask if she could email you some real photos of herself. You won’t alienate any Sugar Babies by being polite and concerned about protecting their privacy. Most likely, if you’re married or in a high profile position, you won’t even place a photo of yourself on your profile and you won’t send out photos of yourself until you feel you’ve reached a certain level of understanding with your potential Sugar Baby.

However, there is a red flag with a girl using fake photos. When is this red flag an issue? When the photos may not be of the Sugar Baby, and that the entire profile may be a fake, a scam. The fake profile issue will be addressed in a more lengthy article coming up. But if the Sugar Baby is merely using some lookalike type photos for discretion, this is a green flag and shows that a Sugar Baby who guards her discretion, will likely guard yours, too. Gentlemen, start your engines!