Sugar Daddy Mentors

Sugarbabys need career mentors and are using Sugar Daddy websites in the same way that members network on Linked In. There are many young women on Sugar Daddy websites who want to make the critical connections to forward their careers or launch their business start-ups. These enterprising women place profiles on Sugar Daddy websites and will even state in their profiles they are looking for Sugar Daddy mentors to assist them in their job search, their career or to guide them to be more successful. Sugarbabys need career mentors and educational benefactors. Beautiful young women are looking to network utilizing Sugar Daddies instead of hoping that men on might be willing to take time and interest in helping them with their career or biz goals. These sugarbabys are typically very intelligent and savvy. They are seeking an arrangement or multiple arrangements that will be mutually beneficial to give them an edge to get to where they want to be in their lives. While there might be a cash amount agreed upon for companionship, to fund higher education, a business start-up or to fulfill other financing needs, the value of a Sugar Daddy’s business knowledge, experience and business connections is priceless. “Priceless” Sugar Daddy Mentors are really what these sugar babies seek.

Some sugarbabies are even looking for jobs and are willing to work as personal assistants or interns directly for a Sugar Daddy or his company to put a relevant job on their resume and launch their careers. You may have more to offer a sugarbaby than just your generosity in a mutually beneficial relationship. Think of what you can offer that is priceless, what you can teach your sugarbaby, the people you can introduce her to, the connections she can make with your assistance.