Sugar Daddy Financial

Many guys ask: What is the minimum cash amount it takes to be a Sugar Daddy? Is there a Sugar Daddy financial minimum that sugarbabys expect of their Sugar Daddies? Yes, it’s like poker, there is going to be a minimum to get into the game. You will be able to hire escorts from Backpage for less if all you want is sex, but if you want to have a Sugar Daddy relationship with a real girl and not a pro, you will need to be able to spend at least $1,000 a month. This does not mean your Sugar Daddy financial minimum is going to give you an exclusive relationship with your sugarbaby. This means that you will be able to make a mutually beneficial relationship with a girl seeking to make this type of arrangement with a man who has the means and generosity to do so.

Think about how much you would typically spend on dating someone. You would probably estimate your dating expenses could be in the vicinity of $1,000 a month, right? Or think about how much you spend on entertainment for yourself such as concert or sports tickets, drinks, going to strip clubs, etc. You could easily spend $1,000 a month on these items, too. So perhaps, once you think about it, you will find there is $1,000 to $2,000 in your monthly budget available for Sugar Daddy dating. This is especially crucial to younger Sugar Daddies without a lot of excess cash, Sugar Daddies with a lot of family expenses, business expenses, etc. However, you’re probably already living the lifestyle of someone who a sugarbaby would be attracted to. What can you expect from a sugar baby at $1,000 a month? It’s really up to the two of you to make your arrangement, but typically, you could expect to meet once or twice a month for some “sugar” time.