Sugar Daddy Age

Another question that is raised frequently about being a Sugar Daddy is: Do sugarbabys expect a Sugar Daddy to be a certain age? While some sugarbabys prefer mature men, many sugarbabys also enjoy the company of someone their own age or younger, as long as these men have the money to make a Sugar Daddy arrangement. I was a Sugar Baby to several men my own age or slightly younger. Either they had inherited money and had a trust fund a/k/a TFBs (trust fun babies), or they had made their money through some type of entrepreneurial endeavor such as developing a killer app, a moneymaking website, etc. I’ve spent time with Sugar Daddies from their 20’s through their 60’s. I wasn’t age driven. While I would say there is no particular Sugar Daddy age, I have a few sugar girlfriends with preferences, including one girlfriend who prefers men in their 20’s and 30’s. She secretly holds out hope that her sugar dating relationship will possibly lead to something romantic and more long-term.

The perception that a man has to be at least in his 40’s to have the means to be a Sugar Daddy, to have accumulated wealth by profession or position, isn’t true. There are different ways that men accumulate wealth. Age isn’t always a factor. Although, I would say that most of the Sugar Daddy and millionaire dating websites I listed profiles on, featured a majority of men who were more mature, rather than in their 20’s. So if you are in your 20’s and are interested in being a Sugar Daddie, but you thought you were too young to assume that role, you’re not too young in Sugar Daddy age! Give it a shot!