How to be a Sugar Baby coming soon! We’ve had a lot of How To emails in our email “bag” from Sugar Babies asking: How to be a Sugar Baby, inquiring about Sugar Baby advice, scams to avoid, top Sugar Daddy and wealthy dating sites and more. Some Sugar Babies have even commented that they read this site to glean info about the Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby relationship. This male / female mutually beneficial relationship is always changing. Decades and even centuries ago, Sugar Babies were referred to as “kept women”. Typically, a well-to-do married man kept might keep a younger, attractive woman for sexual trysts and paid her housing, bills and clothes shopping, etc. The “kept woman” was supposed to be faithful to her “patron” or “benefactor”. While being a kept woman was often a loveless existence, this type of relationship was often the only choice for young, unmarried women with no other options or connections. The term “Mistress” (not a Mistress in the BDSM or Dominatrix connotation) was also used to describe a kept woman, e.g., she is his “Mistress” or the wife found out her husband had a “Mistress”.

The slang term “Sugar Daddy” came about in the 70’s from black street culture. Sugar Daddy was a term associated with a pimp who kept girls (white or black) working for him as prostitutes. The Sugar Daddy’s girls also had a sort of relationship with their pimp which appeared to be protective and symbiotic, but in reality, it primarily served the pimp and maintained his financial status or fed his drug habit. As decades passed, the term Sugar Daddy became more mainstream. In the 90’s it became associated with wealthy men or men of means who had a beautiful woman or women whose company they enjoyed and with whom they made an arrangement. This term now has a positive image instead of the former negative image from its urban inception.