Perils of Sugar Dating

Dear How to be a Sugar Baby… I hope you will print my email letter on your blog. I read your previous blog post about escorts vs sugarbabies. Just want to share the pitfalls of trying to find quality young women for an arrangement who aren’t escorts. I haven’t had much luck as a Sugar Daddy. When I read about Sugar Daddy success stories, I think “great, why can’t that be me…” Most of the sugar babies I’ve encountered have been escorts working literally the SugarDaddy dotcom sites instead of Backpage or Eros. Using a Sugar Daddy dating platform gives them a little bit more of a classy presence than running low rent escort (a/k/a hooker) ads asking for 150 roses for an hour. Let me call the florist! One potential sugar baby I met was being pimped by her so-called boyfriend! I gave her a lecture about how she should try to live her own life, make her own money and not have a boyfriend pimp. But I still see her same ad up on the site and it’s been a year since I met her for coffee to talk about a potential arrangement.

Another sugar baby I met with even admitted she used to be an escort, but asserted that she’s a sugarbaby now. I asked what in her mind was the difference? She said, it’s all in the name. Which is so true in life about many things. At least she was honest. She was on three different Sugar dating websites and kept very busy with paid sex trysts.