Escort and Sugar Baby Difference

What is an Escort

One of the most popular questions emailed to me here at How to Be a Sugar Daddy is: What is the difference between an Escort and a Sugar Baby? An escort, by definition, is a paid companion and the commodity being sold between the Escort and the client is time. An Escort agrees to spend a certain amount of time, from an hour to a whole night or a whole weekend or even a vacation week with a client for an agreed upon price. What happens between the Escort and client (two consenting adults) is private. Obviously, many escorts walk the fine line or even cross the line from being an escort to being a prostitute by offering to accept money for sex. An escort may work independently by placing profiles and ads on escort or other classified websites or she may use an agency which will dispatch her to her bookings.

What is a Sugar Baby

A Sugar Baby agrees to accept a certain amount of money per month under an arrangement with a Sugar Daddy. The Sugar Baby has certain expectations of her Sugar Daddy from being spoiled on shopping trips, being provided with a nice car or apartment, receiving career advice and assistance, fine dining and travel… And in return the Sugar Daddy typically receives the benefit of the Sugar Baby’s companionship as well as a mutually beneficial intimate relationship where there may be sexual fulfillment. The arrangement is made between the Sugar Babe and her Sugar Daddy and usually the number of times per week or month the Sugar Baby agrees to “see” her Sugar Daddy is set. There is no intermediary such as an agency providing a Sugar Baby to a Sugar Daddy. The SugarBabys are in control of the relationship. Potential Sugar Babes present their interest in seeking a Sugar Daddy by placing profiles on Sugar Daddy dating sites.