Lana Del Rey Plays a Sugar Baby in West Coast

One of my girlfriends recently pointed out that the Lana del Rey music video for her song “West Coast” featured Lana playing a Sugar Baby. My friend suggested I write about this intriguing video on my How to be a Sugar Daddy blog. Lana is in love with her California beach boy, frolicking on the beach, but there is menace all around her… dark, tall foreboding palm trees… gulls and a helicopter swarming overhead. What price love? Should she sacrifice love for fame and money? Next we see Lana with an old leather face silverback Hollywood type Sugar Daddy. Dressed up and bejeweled, Lana looks cool, but inexorably trapped while riding in the back of a convertible with her Sugar Daddy. The duo look to be heading back after an event to his place where she will most likely be obligated to “entertain” him. Is this one of the typical Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby symbiotic stereotypes playing out? Older man, younger beauty. Younger beauty attaches herself to the older wealthy power player who can propel her career forward.

Lana del Rey’s music videos are always evocative and provocative. And in this video, I believe Lana is portraying a singer or starlet who is selling out for the fame of Hollywood, the trappings, the money and leaving her blonde beach boy and her carefree past behind. She is haunted in doing so. But she is in motion. She is literally and lyrically on fire in the video. There is no going back.