Wire Scams

Let’s say you’ve been exchanging some messages with a few hot Sugar Babies. One claims to be a student at XYZ University, but can’t meet you right now as she’s leaving to study abroad for a semester in ABC country. She asks if she can keep in touch with you while she’s gone and can’t wait to meet you when she returns. You exchange a few more messages with her during her semester abroad. Then all of a sudden you receive an urgent message that she’s been robbed in ABC Country and needs money wired to her. Everything, her money, her passport, her credit cards have been stolen! Can you immediately wire her $500 or $1,000 or even more money to her in ABC Country. Don’t. Never wire money to anyone on a Sugar Daddy dating site or dating sites. These are wire scams.

These wire scams are not only being pulled on Sugar Daddy Dating Sites, but also on dating sites, dating apps and Facebook. No matter how you might feel that this could be a real emergency situation, face it! A consulate or embassy and the girl’s family can deal with this, if this is a real emergency. This scenario is one of the popular wire scams, so beware.

And this is why one of the elite Sugar Daddy dating sites displays last country of log-in with IP detection. But the scam can still be perpetuated from overseas. How? If the girl even says in her profile, I’m currently studying abroad in ABC country! You pass a few messages back and forth: I’ll be back next month and look forward to finally meeting you in person! Next… Oh, could you wire me $200 for some art supplies for my art class? Or… I really didn’t budget for every necessity living here, I could really use some more more for bottled water, you know you can’t drink tap water here, $100 would be great. Thanks sweetie!

Whatever the come-ons, no matter how “legit” they may sound, they are all are wire scams. Most likely these girls are not even girls, but a small group of male scammers who have computer access and play this scammer game all day on many different websites. Look at this way, in ABC country, if they get $200 a day x 365 from unsuspecting Sugar Daddies or dating site members or Facebook friends, they’re living large. Please don’t feed the scammers.