Sugar Daddy Scams

One of the latest scams to hit Sugar Daddy dating websites is to “Prove You’re Rich”. Sugar Babies will get into messaging with you and then hit you with: “Baby, before I meet you, prove you’re rich, send me some money online to show me you can afford me.” “If you can’t send me $200, you’re not rich, you’re a poser.” Don’t fall for this cash hustle. Never send money online or wire money to any Sugar Baby period. When you meet your Sugar Baby, you can prove you’re rich, in person. Let’s look at this newest of the Sugar Daddy scams and how it works.

The Prove You’re Rich Girls (or guys scamming as girls) are known as “can shakers” in addition to the more common term: hustlers. You know the poor who shake coffee cans at the corner begging for change. This term has now hit the net. It’s easier to be a can shaker on the internet and sit at the computer all day than be out in the heat or cold shaking that can. These scammers might be foreigners working out of a scam sweatshop where they have computers and internet access and ply their Sugar Daddy and other dating site scams day and night. To some hustlers, this isn’t scamming, this is their profession. They may be part of a small criminal syndicate or mob in their country of origin, not just a solo operator with a computer in a third world country. Or they could be sophisticated scammers in the US or UK.

There are other Sugar Daddy scams which we have already detailed on How to be a Sugar Daddy and we will detail more as they pop up. From the Sugar Baby point of view, you will need to remember some Sugar Babies have run into fake Sugar Daddy posers and losers who have no money and who just pretend to be rich. These girls may want you to prove you’re rich, but they aren’t can shakers. Offer to immediately meet these skeptical girls and to give them cash as a token of appreciation for your first meeting and to show them you are serious about a Sugar Daddy relationship with them.