Sugar Daddy Dating Site Scams

It’s no stretch that Sugar Babies run into scammers, slavers, stalkers and sex freaks in their quest for a Sugar Daddy.   To guard against this happening, Sugar Babies might be extremely cautious before they reveal too much personal information about themselves. You might think there can’t be such a thing as Sugar Daddy Dating Site Scams from the sugar baby side, but scams are out there. Sugar Babies get scammed by men pretending to be wealthy. Stalkers, slavers and sex freaks, well, I’ll spare the details in this article, but you can imagine how stalking and sexually dangerous situations can unfold.

The most basic Sugar Daddy Dating Site Scammers are the fake Sugar Daddies who can afford to put $30 – $60 a month on their credit card to pay for Sugar Daddy dating site memberships. These fakes pretend to be rich and get off on girls thinking they are rich. They will talk the talk online and on the phone. Their scam is to get free phone sex and Skype or free webcam shows (even if only flirty type of non nude shows) from naive, unsuspecting Sugar Babies who think they are having a legit Sugar Daddy encounter before meeting live.

Yes, these sugar daddy losers, even worse than Splenda Daddies, will pay the monthly membership fee to live in a rich fantasy world.  The legendary $30K millionaires or 30K milli types abound on Sugar Daddy sites. Other fake Sugar Daddies claim to be professional photographers and offer to take “modeling” or “art nude” photos of sugarbabies for their portfolio or to help them get their big break in their modeling career. They will request sexy and nude photos of sugar babies before they meet them, but they aren’t really pro lens men, they are using these photos for what men typically use sexy visual material on the internet for…

So, if a Sugar Baby doesn’t rush into talking with you on the phone or if she does, if she keeps the phone call very professional and doesn’t get into suggestive talk, don’t take it that she isn’t interested. She may just be a smart and cautious Sugar Baby who wants to make sure you aren’t a fake Sugar Daddy.