Sugar Baby vs Escort

Since and other sites featuring escort ads were shut down by the Feds, escorts then migrated to Sugar Daddy sites to ply their trade. The Fosta/Sesta Acts enacted to combat sex trafficking effectively brought down the majority of the sites where escorts were running classified ads for their services. Knowing that Sugar Daddies are willing to pay for quasi-sexual arrangements, many escorts set up profiles on the popular Sugar Daddy sites, essentially becoming Fosta/Sesta refugees.

A fine line exists between sugaring vs. escorting. Posts on social media abound on how the Feds are even trying to bust Sugar Babies who are possibly escorting. The bottom line is that escorting is legal. Escorts transact time not sex. However, the Fosta/Sesta Acts gave the Feds more power in busting escorts under the aegis of sex trafficking.

Sugar sites want Sugar Daddies to enjoy a Sugar experience. Sugar Babies do not want to be confused with escorts. Sugar Daddies shelling out monthly memberships don’t want to feel they are being bombarded with messages from desperate escorts or that Sugar sites are masquerading as Escort Central. How to Be a Sugar Daddy is bringing this situation to your attention in case you are wondering why you might have been encountering a lot of escorts on Sugar sites recently.