Desperate Sugar Babies

Let’s say you’ve joined a Sugar Daddy dating website and you’ve begun some promising conversations with a few attractive Sugar Babies in your area. Then you get a panicky message from one Sugar Baby that her car has broken down and can you send her money online to get it fixed now. You may suffer from a touch of the White Knight syndrome and want to respond to the Damsel in Distress and send her that $500 via P*yp*l. But how do you know her desperation is real? And that you aren’t just being hustled? There are truly desperate Sugar Babies who turn to being a Sugar Baby because:

  • They are broke
  • They have an immediate and desperate money need but don’t plan to be a long term Sugar Baby
  • They have drug or alcohol problems

You need to take an objective position when dealing with any Sugar Babies, instead of an emotional position. And you especially need to avoid desperate Sugar Babies, that is, unless you verify the Sugar Baby’s financial issues and are willing to help her in exchange for the relationship you desire. Meet the Sugar Baby in person at the garage where her car is being fixed, pay the repair bill and head out to dinner. Make sure her car repair ruse isn’t a Sugar Daddy Dating Site Scam.

I’ve been told many times by Sugar Daddies I’ve come to know online and in person about the car breakdown scheme which seems to be the most popular excuse for needing immediate cash. After the car breakdown scheme, the next most popular desperate needs for cash are: “the rent is late I’m about to be evicted”, followed by “the car payment is late my car is about to be repossessed”. Don’t fall for these. Even though the money they are asking for might be a drop in your bucket of wealth, it’s rare that desperate Sugar Babies are doing more than hustling for money.