Whats Your Price

WhatsYourPrice.com is the newest site in the Seeking Arrangement empire of sugar daddy, wealthy dating and mutual arrangements websites. The name of the website sounds like a game show, but there shouldn’t be any games, just show. Meaning show up for your date. In addition to being a member of Seeking Arrangement, I decided to give Whats Your Price a whirl to see what type of action there is on the newest Brandon Wade sugardaddy website. As a sugar baby, I came to the site with minimums in mind for either a coffee date or a dinner date. So far, I’ve found there aren’t that many men in my area on WhatsYourPrice.com vs. Seeking Arrangement.com. The site definitely needs more members to flesh it out and make it viable for women seeking paid dating and men seeking to pay women for dating.

WhatsYourPrice.com received a huge publicity bump when Octomom, Nadya Suleman, put a profile up on the site and listed her minimum as $500 for a date. There was a surge in membership from curiosity seekers, both generous men and attractive women, looking to explore the site and find out what the site and its members were about. I’ve recommended the site to several of my sugar baby friends creating an instant boost in female members in our area! One of my girlfriends actually dubs herself the “dating consultant” and counsels men on their online dating profiles and how to get over the dating jitters. She says WhatsYourPrice.com is a brilliant concept, especially for men too shy to ask women out on a date. Regardless if you are an introvert or an extrovert, Whats Your Price should gain in popularity. Give it a try even if there aren’t a lot of members in your geo area right now, the members are serious about paid dating.