From the mastermind behind the trend bending gossip site, TheDirty.com, Nik Richie recently launched TagYourSponsor.com. Tag Your Sponsor lampoons the girls who are in the sponsor game. Sponsors are Sugar Daddies or wealthy men who pay to play. Girls are now using social media, primarily Instagram, to attract a continual parade of sponsors. These girls claim to be models for the most part as a cover, but essentially they are sugar babies, escorts and paid talent.

What is the difference between a sugar baby you will find on a sugar baby site and a model you will see on Instagram who accepts bookings by private individuals? The Instagram girls are looking to live large and to display the largesse on social media. If you prize discretion, a standard sugar baby arrangement is probably your best outlet. If you are so rich that you can buy women off of Instagram as flashy companions and bed bunnies, then start hunting down the hash tags that will open a new world of heaux shopping for you. However, as Tag Your Sponsor points out, sponsors need to beware of the amateur models who don’t know how to protect their sponsors’ privacy. One glaring breach highlighted on the Tag Your Sponsor blog was a photo that a model displayed and tagged on Instagram which revealed the tail wing numbers of the sponsor’s private jet. This is a blackmail risk for the sponsor or possible negative exposure on social media.

Looks will only last so long before their expiration date. I’m sure these jaded girls dream of the “Pretty Women” movie ending where they marry a rich sponsor and live happily ever after, but most likely that will not be their fate.