Swinging Resources

Melanie is a hot blonde Cougar who runs a kinky resource site expressly for UK swingers and exhibitionists called Melanies-UK-contacts.co.uk. Resources she has organized on the site include a meeting board, dogging tips, swingers advice, swingers club listings plus dating profiles and photo galleries. Melanie invites you to contact her through the site if you know of an appropriate resource which would be valuable to swingers, exhibitionists and dogging aficionados. In addition, she mentions that she’d like to post dogging and swinging stories on Melanie’s UK Contacts. Why not submit your naughty story!

Melanie is active in the swinging lifestyle ergo this site is obviously a passion project for her. Her passion, your gain! Her resources make it so much easier to find the ideal sex partners in the swinging, dogging and exhibitionist lifestyles. Just a quick spin through the site illustrates how many women really want to have a swinging or dogging encounter. And a few uninhibited couples too! The site also lists the Top 5 Dogging Locations in the UK including the covert signals you have to know for one of the locations. Dogging is a British institution according to an article in the Metro UK. This sex pastime has been popularized on the internet and has even spread to European countries and the USA. Exhibitionists and voyeurs get a kick from dogging sex.

Swinging has been around since the 60’s, maybe even before, but it began to gain momentum in the decade of free love. The internet has been a game changer for sex encounters. And now Melanie’s site makes it easier to find swinging partners and clubs in the UK!